15 Cheese Names You're Probably Pronouncing Wrong

Assembling the perfect cheese plate doesn’t have to be hard. But if you can’t pronounce all the different cheese types, who knows what type of fromage you’ll end up taking home. Here, 15 cheeses you might be mispronouncing and how to get them right.

Every Kind of Cheese, Ranked From Ew to OMG

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The wrong way: Gow-da 
The right way: 
Nutty and buttery—tastes great with Merlot.

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The wrong way: Cam-em-bert
The right way: Cam-mem-bear
The taste is milky and sweet. And bonus, you can eat the rind.

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The wrong wayBy
The right way: Bree
It’s light with a salty finish—the best way to distinguish it from Camembert.

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The wrong wayGroy-err
The right way: Groo-yair
Sweet, earthy and goes great with a crisp Sauv Blanc.

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The wrong wayRock-fort
The right way: Roke-fort
This French blue cheese is tangy and sharp. Bring to room temp before you serve.

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The wrong wayMan-chee-go
The right way: Man-chay-go
Fruity and slightly acidic, this Spanish cheese pairs well with dessert wines.

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The wrong wayMass-car-pone
The right way: Mass-car-pone-ay
A little bit creamy and a little bit sour. Whisk it into a creamy dip.



The wrong wayAs-age-o
The right way: Ah-zhee-ah-go
FYI, there are two types: One is smooth, the other is crumbly.

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The wrong wayChev-ree
The right way: Shev-rah
This goat cheese tastes both earthy and tart. Serve with a bottle of red.

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The wrong wayTah-leg-ee-oh
The right way: Tah-ledge-ee-oh
Mild with a fruity tang, this soft cheese is great smeared on a baguette.

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The wrong wayJar-les-burg
The right way: Yarls-burg
This Swiss cheese is nutty and buttery. It’s also a crowd-pleaser.

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The wrong wayBurr-ah-ta
The right way: Boo-rah-ta
Creamy and milky, this cheese pairs nicely with prosciutto.

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The wrong wayFay-ta
The right way: Feh-ta
Salty, with just the right amount of tanginess. Put out beside a dish of nuts.

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The wrong wayPro-vo-lone-ay
The right way: Pro-vah-lone
This cheese is sharp and spicy. It also goes great with sweet relish or jam.


The wrong wayMut-za-rell
The right way: Mott-sah-rell-lah
Creamy and soft. Serve with sliced tomatoes. 

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