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Meet the food blogging mama with a passion for cookies

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It didn’t take long for foodie fiancés Maria and Josh Lichty to realize if they wanted the job done right when it came to their wedding food...they were going to have to handle things themselves. (Which they did, to rave reviews.) When recipe requests for the knockout dishes began trickling in after the wedding, Maria took to Josh’s personal blog to share everything with everyone in one easy-access spot. Low and behold, strangers soon started visiting and engaging with the content too, and the rest, as they say…(you get it).

Ten years and two adorable baby boys later, Two Peas and Their Pod is a thriving food empire anchored by love for family and—what else?—fresh baked cookies. Get to know Maria, below.

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On the one trick that makes life easier. “I always meal prep on Sunday. I roast vegetables for the week, make homemade granola, hardboiled eggs, cut up veggies to go with hummus, make quinoa, etc. so I am prepared and ready for the week! Of course, I always keep cookie dough in my freezer, too, so I can enjoy fresh baked cookies anytime and ALL the time.”

On her perfect day in Salt Lake City. “In the summertime, I love visiting the downtown farmers’ market, going for a hike in the mountains with my boys...and afterwards, going to Lone Star Taqueria for chips, guacamole and tacos.”

On her secret to success. “Our family motto is ‘Work Hard and Be Nice.’ I try to remember this every day. Hard work and kindness go a long way in life!”

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