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Regular old marshmallows are fine. But you deserve so much better than just fine. You deserve fancy-pants marbled marshmallows, a treat so chic they’ll transform your plain cup of cocoa into a luxurious dessert. (Plus, they're really fun to make.)

What You Need:
 - 3 tablespoons gelatin
 - ½ cup cold water
 - ¼ cup corn syrup
 - 1½ cups sugar
 - ¾ cup water
 - Non-stick spray
 - Food coloring
 - 1½ cups powdered sugar
 - ½ cup cornstarch 

Step 1: Bloom the gelatin by adding just a little bit at a time to a bowl of cold water, stirring constantly with a fork. Set aside.

Step 2: Combine the corn syrup, sugar and water in a large pot and bring to a rapid boil. Do not stir the mixture or it will end up crystalizing.

Step 3: Remove the pot from the heat when it reaches between 247°F and 250°F.

Step 4: Add your gelatin to a standing mixer fitted with the whipping attachment and turn to medium speed. Very slowly add the hot sugar syrup to the gelatin and continue to beat for about 10 minutes or until a sticky, marshmallowy texture forms.

Step 5: Lightly coat a sheet pan with non-stick spray. Empty your marshmallow mix onto the pan and spread evenly.

Step 6: Add drops of food coloring to the top of your marshmallow sheet, then swirl the dye around using a toothpick, skewer or fork. Let sit for six hours.

Step 7: Mix the powdered sugar and cornstarch together in a bowl. Sprinkle some of the dry mix on the top and bottom of your marshmallow sheet, gently rubbing to ensure all surfaces are lightly coated.

Step 8: Use a pizza cutter to slice your sheet into bite-size cubes and toss again in the sugar-cornstarch mix.

Pop one or two into a mug of hot cocoa for the prettiest treat you ever did see.

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Additional Reporting by Abby Hepworth

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