Lilac Gin and Tonics Are the New Summer Drink You Need to Try

Have you heard? Lilac is trending. We’ve seen it everywhere this season, from Le Creuset’s lilac cookware set to Rihanna’s pale purple eyelids.

So it’s only natural that we should be sipping it at happy hour, too. Sure, you could DIY a delicious beverage with a pint of blackberries and a cocktail muddler, but a new batch of lilac-colored gins makes your job much easier.

And don’t worry, the buzzy beverages have zero weird or scary food colorings added.

Our favorite, Empress 1908 Gin, is tinted with a flower called butterfly pea blossom. It changes color from indigo to pale pink when you add citrus or gin, resulting in ombré lilac G&T’s that astonish us (and our guests) every single time.

Color-Changing Gin Exists, but You Have to Fly *Here* to Try It

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