LaCroix Just Released 3 New Flavors for 2021, and They All Sound Like Vacation in a Can

It feels like just yesterday that we announced our all-time favorite flavor of LaCroix. (It’s hibiscus, in case you’re wondering.) Now the sparkling water behemoth is upping the competition with not one, but three new flavors coming this summer. According to a brand press release, “consumers responded overwhelmingly to the most recently introduced LaCroix flavors of LimonCello, Pastèque and Hi-Biscus.” Now we’ll have to make room in our hearts for Beach Plum, Black Razzberry and Guava São Paulo.


First, there’s Beach Plum, which “excites the imagination and incites dreams of summer with the delectable coolness of the luscious fruit native to the east coast of the U.S.” Plums are sweet-tart and mouth puckering at their best, and considering we wait all year for plum season to arrive, we’re pretty intrigued by this flavor.


Next is Black Razzberry (note the spelling), which promises to “make taste buds sing with decadent, smooth and irresistible fruit flavor.” In our opinion, this one is a wild card—we’re not the biggest fans of the brand’s original berry flavor, but we’ll still try this one in the hopes that it lives up to its summertime namesake.


Last but certainly not least is Guava São Paulo, which boasts a “sweet tropical delicacy and vibrant essence.” Of the three new flavors, this one has us longing for a vacation the most. We can’t exactly hop a flight to Brazil, but we can crack open a cold can of guava-flavored sparkling water. (We know that sounds sad but it’s really not. We live for these moments.)

Per the brand, the new summery, escapist flavors are launching at select major retailers around the country and will be available nationwide this spring. While we won’t be breaking up with hibiscus anytime soon, we will be clearing some space in our fridge.

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