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Meet the cookbook author who’s simplifying suppertime

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For Katie Workman, a writer and mom of two, getting a nutritious dinner on the table each night was a real scramble. That’s why in 2012 she set out to simplify mealtime for working women by launching her blog, The Mom 100, and writing her first cookbook of the same name. She immediately found a following, thanks to her easy-to-make recipes meant for moms and families on the go. Her number-one goal: to help with any dinner dilemma, whether you have picky eaters or last-minute company, or just hate spending time in the kitchen. “Nothing makes me happier than when I hear from a reader saying they tried one of my recipes and are ready to tackle another one,” she explains. “I want to make people feel more comfortable and happier in the kitchen.”

On her perfect day in New York City. “My perfect day would start with a bagel from Pick a Bagel (the one on 77th and 2nd) with either lox spread or salmon, cream cheese and onion. I would have to cook at least one thing—probably something new—but if my kids had their say, they’d choose tacos. Dinner would 100 percent be sushi, probably out with friends, at one of my favorite spots like O Ya, Sushi Katsuei or Kanoyama.”

On a cooking hack she swears by. “I always keep freshly minced garlic in a little container in the fridge. That way, when I am making a last-minute dinner, the phrase ‘mince two cloves of garlic’ at the beginning of a recipe doesn’t make me turn back and say, ‘Eh, screw that.’”

On something no one knows about her. “I have a hideous sense of direction. It’s shockingly bad. I have trouble getting out of large stores.”

On the best piece of advice she’s ever received. “Be true to yourself while being kind and respectful of others. My dad may never have said those exact words, but that’s how he lived his life. Whenever I’m in doubt, I just go back to those basics.”

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