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Anyone who’s ever tried juicing at home knows how messy and time-consuming it is--somehow justifying the $9 you spend on a cup of kale-apple-ginger several times a week.

So what if we told you that there’s a new kitchen gadget that solves both of these problems? Introducing Juicero, a gorgeous cold-press juicing system that pours you a perfect cup in two minutes flat with--wait for it--zero cleanup.

The Wi-Fi-enabled, one-button device uses intense pressure (four tons of force, to be exact) to squeeze juice out of premixed Juicero packets, which contain raw organic produce that’s been picked straight from the farm, washed, chopped, mixed, packed and delivered to your doorstep. That means fewer trips to the farmers’ market to pick up bags of produce. And once you’ve pressed, just recycle the pack. Nothing to wash or scrub clean. 

Here’s the catch, though: It’s $699 for the machine and $5 to $7 per juice pack. (We know, we know.) Maybe if enough Gwyneth Paltrow types buy it first, the price will eventually go down? But in the meantime, if you’re in the L.A. area, you can see it in action by ordering the juices  la carte at select Le Pain Quotidien locations starting June 15.

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