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Jane Ko

Meet the Austin food, lifestyle and travel blogger who embraces change

Jane Ko (aka Koko) isn’t afraid of making big changes—she does live in Texas, after all. If you look back on her career, each decision she’s made has led her in a new and exciting direction. The first pivot? Deciding that working as a dietitian wasn’t for her. But food definitely was. Ko’s journey from recipe blogger to respected Austin restaurant connoisseur, travel writer and lifestyle expert for her popular blog, A Taste of Koko, is evidence that if you tell Ko she can’t do something, she’ll prove you dead wrong.

On her perfect day in Austin. “It starts off with a delicious breakfast at Hillside Farmacy, followed up by some light activity—paddle boarding on Lady Bird Lake—and then kicking back with tacos and margaritas at Fresa’s.”

On the beauty hack she absolutely swears by. “I curl my hair the night before, spray with dry shampoo and put it up into a bun when I go to sleep. Perfect waves in the morning!”

On something most people don’t know about her. “I used to run a macaron catering company for two years, where I baked hundreds of macarons out of my tiny apartment.”

On her favorite photo-editing app. Fotograf was my go-to for two years, but now I’m back to loving Snapseed because it keeps my photos clean and crisp for Instagram.”