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Look, you don’t have to have the knife skills of Iron Chef Cat Cora to be considered a good cook. You just need a few tricks up your sleeve. Like knowing how to cook with these five simple ingredients. Trust us, you’ll even impress yourself with your newfound skills.


Oh, coffee. Where would we be without you? In addition to your daily cup (or three), incorporate coffee into your breakfast as a tasty topping for Greek yogurt. Now you have no excuse to be tired.

What to make: Greek Yogurt with Coffee Fig Compote

Blueberry Jam

News flash: Jam isn’t just for your morning toast. You can use it to upgrade any number of dishes, including dessert. Use Stonewall Kitchen’s Wild Maine Blueberry Jam to create an easy four-ingredient sorbet that’ll become your new summer staple. Yes, please.

What to make: Blueberry Sorbet and Lemon Semifreddo

Potato Chips

Need to use up those leftover bags of potato chips from last weekend’s barbecue? We’ve got you covered. Crush them and bake them into cookies for a salty-sweet treat. (Aka the best kind.)

What to make: Chewy Potato-Chip Chocolate-Chip Cookies


Sure, Sriracha gets all the glory these days. But don’t discount good old ketchup. In this recipe for chicken pad thai, a few tablespoons of everyone’s favorite condiment adds tanginess to the sauce.

What to make: Chicken Pad Thai

Panko Bread crumbs

A pantry wouldn’t be complete without panko bread crumbs. They’re better for you than the regular kind. And so are these cauliflower tots, which--you guessed it--use panko for a fresh take on Tater Tots. You’re welcome.

What to make: Cauliflower "Tater" Tots

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