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The Stupid Easy Way to Tell If an Egg Is Fresh

You’re hardcore craving a piece of frittata, so you grab the ingredients from the fridge but notice your eggs are uncomfortably close to their use-by date. To make sure they’re good, employ this super-easy method for determining egg freshness.

What you need: Eggs and a bowl.

What you do: Fill the bowl with cold water and place the eggs in the bowl. If they sink, they’re good to use. If they float, toss 'em.

Why it works: Eggshells are porous. The longer an egg has been in the fridge, the more air has passed through the shell, making it more buoyant.

Sure beats discovering one bad egg after cracking it into a bowl of fresh ones. Now the only question is, what delicious egg dish will you whip up? 

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