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Oops, We’ve Been Squeezing Avocados All Wrong

The typical grocery-store scenario: We make a beeline to the avocado bin and start squeezing with abandon in search of the perfectly ripe fruit…that we inevitably don’t find. The avocado gods are cruel. But we just found out that our technique is all wrong.

According to chef and avocado-whisperer Rick Bayless, who dished out his indispensable advice to The Takeout, there’s a sweet spot on the fruit that, when pressed, is the best indicator of ripeness. And it’s actually the bottom.

Why, though? Apparently, avocados ripen from the stem-end down, so when you squeeze on the top or check under the stem, the fruit might be only partially ripe. If it’s ripe at the more bulbous end, it’s ripe throughout.

Game, changed. (Now excuse us; we’ve got some guacamole to make.)

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