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Sliced on pizza. Mashed on toast. Baked into cheesecake. It doesn’t take a culinary trend-setter to note that avocado is seriously in right now. The newest craze? Shaved avocado--which is as stunning as it is tasty.

What you need: A ripe but not too mushy avocado (see our tip for picking the right one) and a vegetable peeler. 

What you do: Cut the avocado in half, remove the pit and then carefully pry the skin off. (If the skin doesn’t easily give, you can halve the chunks one more time to further loosen it.) Then take your peeler and slice off ribbons, one by one. 

And then? Artfully drape the shavings on open-faced sandwiches, bruschettas, fajitas and the like. (And Instagram your masterpiece, of course.)

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