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The Idiot-Proof Way to Pick the Best Rosé

Perfectly chilled glass of rosé + hot summer day = heaven, as far as we’re concerned. But how do you pick the best rosé to drink? Here, three foolproof tips for choosing the right one every time.

1. Check the color. Generally speaking, the lighter the color (think pale pinks and peaches), the drier the rosé. Deeper pink and cherry-toned wines tend to be sweeter.

2. Newer is better. Unlike Pinot Noir and J.Lo, rosé doesn’t get better with age. Stick to the current or most recent vintage (from this year is best) for the freshest taste.

3. When in doubt, go French. More specifically, look for something from Provence (basically the mecca of rosé…and where we want to retire). It’s light, not too sweet and will please both aficionados and novices. Plus, it pairs well with pretty much anything. (Unless you’re eating something spicy--in which case, you might want to go sweeter, with, say, a Tempranillo rosé from Spain.)

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