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This Super-Simple Way to Peel Butternut Squash Is a Game Changer
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It’s not Thanksgiving without a tasty side of butternut squash. But peeling it is kind of the worst and the precut kind doesn’t have the same flavor. Womp-womp. Here’s a work-around that’s an absolute cinch.

What you need: The microwave, a fork, a vegetable peeler and a whole butternut squash.

What you do: Slice off the ends of the squash and then use the fork to poke a few holes through the surface.Next, pop the whole thing into the microwave and zap it for approximately two minutes. Let the squash cool for one minute and then remove the skin using your peeler. That’s it!

Why this works: The heat helps soften and loosen the skin so it comes off more easily. It also helps precookthe squash a bit, so it’s practically painless to seed and cube. 

That’s it, you’re doubling the recipe. Extra leftovers FTW.

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