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You know every microwave trick in the book: the lazy way to clean it, how to keep your food from drying out when you reheat and even how to froth milk. But did you know you might be heating up food the wrong way? Let us explain.

So, microwaves cook with—you guessed it—microwaves. And while they’re great at heating up the water molecules they come in contact with, they don’t actually cover the entirety of the chamber. This means that lots of microwaves (like maybe the older one in your office) have cold spots—which explains why sometimes you take out your matzo-ball soup and it’s piping hot, but one whole side of the matzo ball is cold. 

Here’s how to fix it: Simply place your dish on the edge of the rotating carousel instead of in the center. This way, your food will travel through both hot and cold spots at different angles. So distribute the wealth, er, heat. And then go enjoy your soup.

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