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OK, Weve All Been Making Iced Tea Wrong

Making iced tea isn’t much different from making hot tea. If you’re anything like us, you just refrigerate it for a bit, then pour it over ice before serving. But the problem with this approach is that you usually end up with a weak, watered-down drink. Here, a simple trick for always getting bold and flavorful tea—even after the ice melts.

What you do: Scoop twice the amount of tea that you would normally use when brewing it hot and pour it into a pot (or an infuser) of boiling water. Let it steep for five minutes before straining the leaves. Then pour it over a cup of ice and enjoy.

Why it works: Brewing the tea double strength makes it more concentrated and helps it keep its flavor when the ice melts. This also means that you don’t have to wait for it to cool. Just pour and sip.

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