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How to Make a Batch of Pancakes Last All Week

You’re running late. Again. Still, you’re a firm believer: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This pancake trick makes it a breeze to get a home-cooked meal on the table…even if all you have is two minutes to spare. 

What you need: Pancake mix (or a recipe, if you’re feeling ambitious), Tupperware and wax paper 

What you do: On Sunday, whip up a batch of pancakes, like you normally would. But instead of eating them, let them cool completely before layering them on wax paper in a Tupperware (you want to be sure the pancakes don’t touch). Put the container in your freezer and go about your day.

Then, fast-forward to Monday (or Thursday) morning when you’re running late. Pull a couple of pancakes out of the freezer and pop them in your toaster oven on low heat for a couple of minutes until they’re thawed. Add syrup and serve. 

See? You can totally do it all.

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