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We love a brunch mimosa, but recently we’ve discovered another cocktail that we just can’t get enough of: aguas frescas. These Mexican drinks are usually a simple mix of fruits, herbs and flowers blended with sugar and water, so you can tailor them to taste.

Here’s how to make your own aqua fresca at home:

Step 1: Roughly chop your ingredients of choice. A few of our top combos are fiery mango, orange and habanero; fruity watermelon, strawberry and basil; and refreshing cucumber and melon (we found a recipe we love on Half Baked Harvest). As a general rule, a cup chopped fruit and a cup water will yield two glasses.

Step 2: Toss your ingredients into a blender and blend away until puréed (think: smoothie consistency). Although ripe fruit should act as a natural sweetener, you can always add in some sugar to taste.

Step 3: Fill glasses halfway with ice and water, pour the fruit juice over the water and ice and stir.

Step 4: Make it a cocktail by adding a shot of your favorite alcohol (we’d recommend gin with cucumber mint, tequila with mango habanero and vodka with watermelon). Pair with huevos rancheros and call it a fiesta.

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