Clumpy Brown Sugar Got You Down? Here's What to Do About It

Maybe you like your chocolate-chip cookies soft and chewy. Maybe you’re a thin and crispy gal. Either way, if you’re making your own, you’re gonna need some brown sugar. But all too often, the stuff in our pantry is a hard-as-rocks clumpy mess that’s almost impossible to work with. No longer, thanks to these super-simple tricks that will ensure your next Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie Showdown (patent pending) goes off without a hitch.

Help, I need soft sugar ASAP: Instead of tossing your brown sugar, put it in a microwave-safe bowl, cover it in a damp paper towel and microwave it in 20-second intervals. A couple blasts of heat will turn it into the pliable stuff you know and love. No extra trip to the grocery store necessary. 

If you have time to plan ahead: Add moisture back into that fossilized mass. Place apple slices, marshmallows or a stale piece of bread right on top of the brown sugar in an airtight container. In a couple days, it'll be soft.

Prevent the problem in the first place: The best way to please the brown sugar gods? Store opened brown sugar in a sturdy zipper storage bag (or an airtight canister if you're feeling fancy). 

So? It’s cookie time.

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