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You’ve just finished whipping up your world-famous lemon-garlic dressing, and while all your dinner guests are thrilled with their ensuing salads, you’re vaguely horrified by the odor coming off your hands. You wash and you wash but can still smell it on your fingertips. What’s a hostess to do? Check out our trick, which makes use of something you always have on hand at home.

What you need: Soap, water and something made of stainless steel (a spoon, a faucet, a dog bowl, whatever).

What you do: Simply rub your hands (both sides) on something made of stainless steel while washing until the smell goes away.

Why it works: Chemistry! The sulfur molecules in the garlic bond with those in the steel--transferring the smell from your hands to the metal--and bam, you’re stink-free.

So? Mashed potatoes and garlic knots for all!

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