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The Best Way to Get Ketchup Out of the Bottle, According to Science

We’ve all been there. You’re at the diner drooling over a delicious burger and fries that would be absolute perfection with a little bit of ketchup. So you reach for the glass bottle, unscrew the cap, tip it over and wait… and wait, and wait, and wait some more. In fact, you waited so long that scientists at The University of Melbourne felt the weight of your wait and decided to use their expertise to ease the pain.

Yep, there’s now a scientifically proven best way to get ketchup out of a glass bottle. So put down the knife, step away from the burger and commit the following steps to memory. 

Step 1: Shake it like a Polaroid picture. This will make sure the ketchup is thoroughly combined, and there’s no watery separation.

Step 2: Flip it over and give the bottom a good whack to get ketchup into the neck of the bottle.

Step 3: Tilt the bottle back a bit (to help control the flow) and carefully remove the cap.

Step 4: Enjoy your perfectly ketchuped burger and fries.

Thank you, Australia!

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