Sure, whole grains are better for you than their refined counterparts--oh hey there, white rice. But who are we kidding? They’re missing that je ne sais quoi yum factor. Maybe that’s because we’ve been cooking them all wrong. Here, the key step to making tastier whole grains.

Boil your grain: Cook your grain--brown rice, quinoa or barley--like you normally would in stock or water until al dente. Then, drain in a colander to remove all liquid. You’ll want your grains extra dry for the next step, so pat with a paper towel as well.

And now, the twist: Heat a large skillet to medium-high and add your healthy fat of choice--olive oil, veggie oil or ghee. Don’t be stingy. As the oil sizzles, throw in your favorite spices and herbs for flavor. Finally, add the dry grains in a flat layer on the skillet and coat them with the mixture. Stir constantly until golden and in minutes, they’ll be cooked to perfection.

Ahhh, so much better: We guarantee you’ll never dread eating whole grains again.

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