How to Cook an Egg in a Microwave, Because Yes, You Can Do That

When it comes to making breakfast, we have varying degrees of ambition. There are the elaborate brunch days, where nothing but lemon-ricotta pancakes and eggs Florentine will do. There are normal breakfast days for cereal and a quick scramble. And then there are the microwave days, when we’re super busy but still want something hot and healthy to eat, or when we’re so deep into a Netflix binge that we can’t bring ourselves to turn on the stove. For those days, there’s good news: Microwaving eggs is totally a thing. (Note: It’s also a game changer if you’re somewhere without a stove, like a dorm or hotel room). Here’s how you do it.

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Step 1:Grease The Bowl

You guys are smart, so we don’t need to tell you to use a microwave-safe bowl (a Pyrex bowl or mug works great). Spritz it with a little bit of cooking spray or rub the bottom and sides with oil or butter so the eggs don’t stick.

Step 2:Crack The Eggs Into The Bowl

Microwaves are great for a single or double serving of eggs, but it’s not the best method if you’re cooking for a crowd. Crack up to four eggs into the bowl. (Any more than that and the eggs can get rubbery.)

Step 3:Whisk In The Liquid

The secret to making fluffy eggs in the microwave is adding a little bit of liquid—about one tablespoon of water or milk for every two eggs you’re making. Now would also be a great time to throw in some salt and pepper, or any other seasonings that strike your fancy. Whisk until smooth, and you’re ready to go.

Step 4: Microwave and Stir

Eggs are a blink-and-you’ll-ruin-them food, so keep a careful eye on them as they cook. Nuke them on high for 30 seconds, then take the bowl out of the microwave and give them a quick stir with a fork or a whisk, and pop them back in for another 30 seconds. Repeat once or twice, then stop when the eggs are the texture you want. (Note: Go a little firmer if you want to put them in a sandwich.)

Step 5: Add Cheese and Other Toppings

If you want to add cheese (and honestly, who wouldn’t?), toss some in before your last 30-second round of microwaving, which will give it a chance to melt without getting crunchy. This is also a good time to add anything you want to wilt a little bit (think spinach, kale, tomatoes, olives, etc.) without turning the whole thing into a soggy mess.

Step 6:Enjoy

Congratulations, you have successfully microwaved eggs! The world is officially your oyster. Go ahead and eat them straight from the bowl, throw them into a tortilla with some veggies and salsa, or put them on a roll with slices of ham and cheese for the easiest breakfast sandwich ever.

Or, now that you’ve mastered the technique, check out one of these easy microwave egg recipes.

1. Microwave Egg Caprese Breakfast Cups

When it comes to microwaved eggs, Coterie member Heidi Larsen is just on another level. Her caprese egg cups—packed with ham, mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, pesto and slivers of fresh basil—are quick, protein-packed and pretty darn elegant.

2. Easy Microwave Scrambled Egg Cups

Another reason we love microwaved eggs? They’re fabulous for meal prep. Make a bunch of these (completely adorable) mason jars on Sunday, and then pop one in the microwave every morning for a healthy breakfast. Precooked meat, chopped fresh veggies and roasted potatoes are our go-to add-ins.

3. Microwavable Egg Omelet In A Mug

A fancy French chef might tell you this is not a proper omelet. But eggs stuffed with veggies and cheese taste pretty omelet-like to us. Plus, it’s ready in five minutes (veggie chopping included), which is a real weekday boon.