You’ve layered in all the salad parts (lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, the works). If only you could eat your greens—including that oversize romaine—without getting dressing all over your face (and new white shirt). Here, how to chop salad with a pizza cutter. 

1. What you need:

The salad ingredients, a bowl and a pizza wheel.

2. What you do:

Step 1: Build the Salad. Add all of the ingredients your lettuce-loving heart desires.

Step 2. Before you serve the salad, run your pizza cutter through all the ingredients a few times in the bowl until everything—lettuce included—is perfectly bite-size.

3. Why this works:

Your pizza wheel was made to efficiently cut through crispy pizza dough. It can definitely handle chopping up practically paper-thin lettuce.

You’re officially queen of your greens. Who knew eating salad could be so ladylike?

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