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How to Chill Wine When You Dont Have All Day

It’s been a long day and all you want is to relax with a crisp glass of Sauv Blanc. The only problem? You didn’t think far enough in advance to stick one in the refrigerator to chill. No worries, thanks to this super-easy trick for chilling a bottle in a hurry.

What you need: Ice, cold water, an ice bucket and salt.

What you do: In the ice bucket, mix the ice, water and a few handfuls of salt until evenly distributed. Then add the bottle of wine to the mixture and wait for the magic to happen. (A room-temp bottle should be sufficiently chilled in less than an hour.)

Why it works: Salt lowers the freezing point of water and lets it get colder without turning to ice. That means the frigid water can completely envelop the bottle while also drawing heat out of it, cooling the wine in no time.

Because happy hour waits for no woman. 

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