5 Caffeine-Free Hot Drinks That Are Great Alternatives to Coffee

Whether you’re looking to cut back on coffee or just want to shake up your morning routine (variety is the spice of life, after all), here are five caffeine-free alternatives to your usual cup of joe that deserve a spot in your pantry. Extra bonus? No nasty mid-morning caffeine crash. Drink up.

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1. Mushroom Tea

Steaming cup of fungi, anyone? OK, so it sounds a little gross, but with its distinctly earthy taste (sort of like miso) and slew of potential health benefits, you may want to give this bitter brew a shot. Made by grinding up mushrooms into powder and infusing in water, studies suggest that mushroom tea can reduce stress, boost immunity and increase energy. Not too shabby.

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2. Licorice Tea

Before you skip over this because you hate the bitter taste of licorice, licorice tea is actually a naturally sweet drink. So if you need something to make your sweet tooth happy—that’s been rumored to be good for digestive problems—try the stuff.

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3. Schizandra Tea

This herbal tea brewed from East Asian schizandra berries is also known as “five taste tea,” thanks to its sour, sweet, bitter, warm and salty flavor. Talk about complex. Try making a cup before a big meeting with the boss—it may improve concentration and alertness.

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4. Dandelion Coffee

Want to cut back on caffeine but love the taste of coffee? We feel you. Try swapping your morning cup of joe for dandelion coffee, a less acidic but similar tasting brew (that’s actually a tea). Who knew those weeds growing in your garden could be so satisfying?

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5. Lemon Water

Cheap and easy (it’s literally just warm water with freshly squeezed lemon juice), celebs and yogis love this drink for its supposed skin boosting, immune strengthening and inflammation fighting benefits. Hey, if it’s good enough for Beyoncé...

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