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Home food delivery is now firmly on your radar (i.e. iPad), but did you know there’s a whole new slate of chef-prepared meals and food choices that are as healthy as they are convenient? From a spa that’s dropping off the same food its celebs dine on, to a service that takes into account finicky childrens’ palates, here’s what you’ll want to be eating now.

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Spa Food

Malibu boot camp the Ranch at Live Oak is known for its grueling 10-mile hikes, celeb clientele (Streisand!) and low-calorie delicious plant-based meals. Now you can get a whole day’s worth of food (three meals, two snacks and a side salad, all at doable 1,750 calories) at home by ordering from The Ranch Daily. You’ll get Black Bean and Kale Enchiladas Verdes, “Cheezy” Brussels Sprouts Chips and our favorite, the little breakfast parfait of chia seeds and berries layered in a little glass jar. or 844-867-2624

Soda Replacement

In the Colonial era, health-minded people drank what were called medicinal shrubs--basically, fruit- and spice-infused vinegars. Today the trend's been resurrected by chefs like Pok-Pok's Andy Ricker, who has come out with Pok Pok Som, flavored vinegars meant to be mixed with soda water for a refreshing, not syrupy sweet, drink. Try the turmeric-flavored one for inflammation and the ginger-infused version for an upset stomach—just add a shot into a glass of soda water.

Bone Broth

What started as a Paleo fad (mega protein, natch) has now moved into the mainstream for everything from a quick breakfast on the go, meal addition or a go-to get-better-quick soup. But who has time to roast then slow-cook knuckle, joint and marrow bones for 24 hours? Instead order Au Bon Broth pouches from a San Diego farmers’ market-based company that sources from organic veggies and pasture-raised livestock. or 800-453-6007

Kid-Friendly Dinners

Sure, you’re willing—happy to, even—cook dinner for your family. It just has to be something your little punkin’ doesn’t turn her little nose up at. One Potato feels you, so they pre-edit a half-dozen kid-palate-approved meals (liked by grownups, too) for you to choose from. All family members will say yes to a clean pasta with parmesan, egg and sautéed veggies, “oven-fried” chicken and smashed peas and the like.

Protein Power

So you've drunk the metaphoric, non-sugar-added Kool-Aid and are following a Paleo diet. Or maybe you've heard all that chatter around the gym and are Paleo-curious. Experiment with this high-protein, dairy- and bread-excluding diet with Paleo Delivers, the six-days-a-week delivery that brings you lunches like a Thai chicken wrap in a collard leaf and yucca sticks. or 310-795-7750

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