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Losing weight is not easy. We know this. But there are some easy changes you can make—likereplacing bread with cauliflower or noodles with zucchini—that can help you reach your goals faster. (And we promise, everything still tastes delicious.) Here, a simple swap that can save you hundreds of calories while cooking just about anything.

What you need: A can or carton of low-sodium vegetable broth and a nonstick pan. 

What you do: The next time you go to, say, stir-fry your vegetables or flavor your risotto, reach for the veggie broth. While that trusty bottle of oil is great for coating your pan, it adds up to 120 calories per tablespoon (and let’s be real—who really measures it out every single time?). Vegetable broth, on the other hand, has only about 12 calories per cup. 

And though you could use water or other liquids to cook, vegetable broth has a nice, subtle flavor that enhances (and doesn’t compete with) whatever is in the pan.

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