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Studies show that we?re roughly 99.9 percent more likely to indulge in our favorite treats come October 31 (studies that come from personal experience, of course). But this year, as you meditatively root through your candy collection, remember to choose wisely. Your favorite HERSHEY?S Halloween candy may mean more than you think.

reese s 2

Your Favorite Candy is a REESE’S Peanut Butter Cup…

As sarcastic as you are straightforward, you don’t shy away from what you want. But you’re not all dark wit and rough edges. You have a keen sense of humor hiding in there (hello, peanut butter) and those who really know you, love you.

twizzlers 2

Your Favorite Candy is TWIZZLERS twists…

You’re the only one in your circle who thinks the Gucci loafers with the fur lining are actually practical. You’re an extrovert through and through who feeds off social interactions, which works well for you since your artistic personality brings a lot to the table. You also know that candy is best kept in the fridge (hint, hint).

hersheys 2

Your Favorite Candy is HERSHEY’S MILK CHOCOLATE…

Your two most prized possessions are your grandmother’s tennis bracelet and your scratched Breakfast at Tiffany’s DVD. A true classic, you believe in the finer things in life and carry this principle with you from your closet to your secret candy stash.

jollyranchers 4

Your Favorite Candy is a JOLLY RANCHER hard candy...

Chances are you’re a Gemini, because your personality is a revolving door, along with your taste in sweets. Maybe today you want cherry, but tomorrow you’re reaching for sour apple. However, one thing’s for sure: You’ll always pass on grape.

kitkat 2

Your Favorite Candy is a KIT KAT bar…

You live for spontaneity and enjoying life to the fullest (hence the “je ne sais quoi” tattoo). But you’re always genuine—nothing on your Instagram feed feels overly curated. What you see is what you get.

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