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The Secret to Getting Perfect Grill Marks on Your Steak

We have a confession: Steak intimidates us. (Cooking it, not eating it.) But we just discovered the secret to searing a gorgeous steakhouse-quality fillet, and it’s actually really simple. Try this trick to get those fancy golden-brown crosshatches.

What you need: A grill or cast-iron grill pan, steak, Kosher salt, pepper and tongs.

What you do: Let your steak come to room temperature and generously season it. Heat the grill so it’s scorching hot (really, the hotter the better). Thoroughly dry off your steak with paper towels and place it on the grates with your tongs. Then take a step back and leave it completely alone. Don’t push it around. Don’t check it every two seconds. Drink some wine and relax. Halfway through cooking each side—and this is key—use your tongs to turn it 45 degrees.

The results: Thick, crackly-crusted steak with perfect diamond patterns on both sides. Plus, your new (and well-earned) nickname—Grillmaster. 

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