What’s on Giada De Laurentiis’s Valentine’s Day Menu? A Decadent Breakfast…for Dinner

Giada De Laurentiis is no stranger to delicious recipes (Lasagna! Lemon spaghetti! Chicken Cacciatore!), but when it comes to her Valentine’s Day plans, she’s really mixing it up.

PureWow spoke with the 49-year-old celebrity chef in honor of World Nutella Day today (she is the brand’s Global Ambassador, after all) and got the scoop on what’s hitting her dining table come February 14.

This year, De Laurentiis is fêting the occasion with a savory and sweet creation. “I’ll probably make breakfast for dinner because it’s Jade’s favorite,” she noted.

Yup, De Laurentiis will be whipping up Nutella pancakes for her 11-year-old daughter, Jade. The Everyday Italian star explained, “She likes to stack her pancakes and in between, she’ll put a little spread of Nutella. A lot of times she makes it herself.” She added that this is often Jade’s reward for speaking Italian, their family’s native tongue.

For those looking to go the more traditional V-Day route, De Laurentiis suggests dipping strawberries or pineapple in the hazelnut spread for an easy treat. Or, if you’re feeling really adventurous, she invites budding chefs to use a technique she employs at her Giada restaurant in Las Vegas and spreading the chocolate indulgence over pizza Bianca and adding a dash of toasted chopped hazelnuts on top. Hey, you can even put Nutella into ravioli. Um, yum.

If you’re more interested in celebrating World Nutella Day than Valentine’s Day (we get it), you’ll be happy to know that the beloved brand is offering one fan a five-day trip to visit the birthplace of the hazelnut spread in Italy. But that’s not all—20,000 customized Nutella jars are also up for grabs. To learn more about participating in World Nutella Day, you can visit Instagram or As De Laurentiis put it, “I mean, a trip to Piedmont it to see where you get to see where Nutella is made is pretty awesome.” We have to agree.

Anyone else suddenly starving?

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