10 Insane Frozen Treats You Need to Try Before Summer’s Over

It’s 90 degrees out and humid enough to make your arm hair frizz. Yeah, we’d say this calls for a milkshake. And a scoop of Fat Joe Pistachio. And a glass of frosé. Here, ten ice-cold treats to keep you cool until fall.

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Ice Cream At Dasher & Crank

Deciding to have ice cream from this Wynwood shop is easy. The hard part is choosing from the18 rotating flavors. Coffee and doughnuts? Blackberry hibiscus? Coconut, sea salt and graham cracker crumble? We suggest doing it up with a combo.

2211 NW Second Ave., Miami; 305-213-1569 or

Milkshakes At Vicky’s

Sure, these guys cook up some of the best burgers in town at LoKal, but no meal is complete without a milkshake next door at Vicky’s. Order the Breakfast Club, a blend of vanilla ice cream, maple syrup, Cap’n Crunch, Miami Smokers bacon, a glazed doughnut from the Salty Donut and a shot of colada.

3190 Commodore Plaza,Coconut Grove; Miami; 305-442-3377 or

Soft Serve At Madlab Creamery

Our mom never would have let us have ice cream and cotton candy at the same time. Fortunately, we’re adults now. This fairy-tale-esque ice-cream palace serves matcha and tropical soft serve with cotton-candy swirls, gold-flake sprinkles and edible sparkles. Or, skip the cone and order a gooey brownie topped with ice cream and sparkles.

140 NE 39th St., Miami; 305-639-8178 or

Ice-cream Sandwiches At Wynwood Parlor

You may have seen this graffiti-clad truck driving around Miami, stocked with nearly a dozen different kinds of ice-cream sandwiches. Our favorite is the secret vegan blend (vanilla “rice cream” rolled in almonds) between two freshly baked vegan chocolate-chip cookies.

Sold at various locations;

Boozy Ice Cream At Aubi & Ramsa

Yep, this isn’t just any neighborhood bar—Aubi & Ramsa in the Design District swaps pours of your favorite liquor with generous scoops of Champagne sorbet and bourbon ice cream. Um, say no more.

172 NE 41st St., Miami; 305-946-9072 or

Helado At Freddo

Grab a cup of decadent artisanal gelato, or if you want to get really crazy, try a panini helado, where a warm sweet bun is filled with gelato and drizzled with chocolate and strawberry sauce.

1102 S. Miami Ave., Brickell; 786-310-0368 or

Frosé At The Lido Bayside Grill At The Standard

The only thing better than an ice-cold glass of frosé is an ice-cold glass of frosé and this view.

40 Island Ave., Miami Beach; 786-245-0880 or

Sorbet Pops At Pops For Life

These pops are both refreshing and relatively guilt-free. Our absolute favorites are the watermelon and the mango. There’s also a line of detox pops, such as the Energizing pop made with apple, spinach, ginger, basil, mint and cucumber (basically a juice cleanse in frozen form).

150 NE First Ave., Miami; 786-464-9093 or

Hip-hop Ice Cream At Mr. Kream

When the flavors have names like A$AP Rocky Road and Fat Joe Pistachio, you know it’ll be a party for your taste buds.

2322 N. Miami Ave., Wynwood; 786-659-4541 or

Shaved Ice Cream At Mr. Bing

Is it really ice cream if it’s served with a fork? When it’s this delicious, who cares? This shop specializes in a Taiwanese treat that’s a fluffy, light-as-air base for all the crazy toppings your heart desires (like caramel popcorn, mini mochi and crushed pistachio).

927 Lincoln Rd. #112, Miami Beach; 888-606-2464 or

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