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They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and we think some of those words should be “are you sure you should share this?” and “That looks pretty gross.” Here, six things to avoid posting if you’re food-obsessed. 

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foodie posts line

Brag Posts About the Impossible-to-Get-Into Restaurant

So you got an amazing table at NYC’s Sugarfish, even though their reservations line says they’re booked until 2019? We’re definitely jealous, so try not to rub it in too much. (Or just, like, tell us your secret.)

foodie posts ramen


It’s damn delicious. But TBH? It’s actually pretty gross-looking. Unless you get an amazing, drool-inducing snap, save the savory-ness for your taste buds and spare our news feed.

foodie posts menu


We don’t care how much the tuna tartare is if we can’t even see it.

foodie posts dark

Anything in Low Lighting

Dark, blurry photos of your 16-ounce filet mignon are just a downright travesty. Here’s a hint: If you must Instagram your meal, use your friend’s flashlight app as a light source. (Whatever you do, don’t use your flash.)

foodie posts icecream

Your Chipped Mani

If you’re going to go the extra mile for that food-in-the-air shot (FITA, for short), your nails better look as classy as that ice-cream cone.

foodie posts salad


We’re so glad you legitimately love salad. Really. But if you’re going to photograph your plate, make it a melty, cheddar-oozing truffle burger or a flaming, white-peaked baked Alaska. No one wants to see your romaine.

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