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Foodie, noun: A person who expresses an almost obsessive interest in eating, being on top of culinary trends and explaining a mise en place to others (especially when they didn’t ask). Here are 19 ways to know if you’ve become one of them.

foodie 1
Brigham Young University

1. You make everyone at the table wait until you get the perfect Instagram shot.

2. You correct other people when they say fancy food words wrong.

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foodie 2
Ron Tom/Getty Images

3. You talk about well-known chefs like you’re old friends. (No, it wasn’t clear that by “Tony” you meant Anthony Bourdain.)

4. You judge people for not knowing about weird food trends. Sorry, we’re still getting the hang of turmeric.

5. You use words like artisanal, sustainable and local…a lot.

6. You casually drop the term “mouthfeel” into conversation without feeling gross.

7. You describe food with adjectives--sensual, succulent, sinful--that belong in a bad romance novel.

foodie 3

8. You think cheesecake is better when it’s deconstructed.

9. You frown upon anyone who’s on a specialized diet.

10. Similarly, you doubt the existence of gluten allergies.

11. You spend the majority of your paycheck on fancy meals.

foodie 4
Katie Kauss

12. You believe there is no line too long to wait in for a buzzy dessert.

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foodie 5

13. You lament the presence of “authentic” Thai in the U.S. after visiting Chiang Mai (for an hour layover).

14. You tell other people what they should order.

foodie 6
Bill Lackey/Springfield News-Sun

15. You basically refuse to go to a chain restaurant.

16. But when you get dragged to one, you demand to know if the burger was grass fed.

(Spoiler alert: It wasn’t. We’re at TGIFridays.)

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foodie 7

17. You refer to yourself as any kind of –arian that isn’t veg.

18. You use the suffix –gasm wayyyy too often, and no, you’re not referring to sex.

19. Yeah, you call yourself a foodie.

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