29 Fig Dessert Recipes That Put the Sweet Fruit Front and Center

Biting into a plump, ripe, sweet fresh fig? There’s almost nothing better…which is why we dream of fig season all year. Luckily, there’s no shortage of treats swirled with fig jam and studded with dried figs too, so you can indulge outside of the summer months. From fig tarte tatin and fig cheesecake to chocolate-covered treats, here are 29 fig dessert recipes to showcase the fruit in all its forms.

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Photo: Christine Han/Styling: Erin McDowell

1. Fig Tarte Tatin

Since this treat comes together in a single skillet, the most work you’ll have to do is slice some figs. Then, after a short trip in the oven, you’ve got caramelized fruit cradled in a blanket of crisp puff pastry. You’ve got nothing to lose.

Aran Goyoaga/Cannelle et Vanille Bakes Simple

2. Aran Goyoaga’s Fig, Honey And Lemon Tea Cakes

These little cakes are just the thing to serve in the afternoon with a cup of tea or coffee. They’re not too sweet, so a dusting of powder sugar is a welcome addition.

Jonathan Meter/The Sweet Side of Sourdough

3. Fig–dark Chocolate Brownies

These aren’t your usual boxed brownies. They’re made with a small amount of sourdough starter for tang, not to mention those swirls of sweet fig preserves.

Photo: Liz Andrew/Styling: Erin McDowell

4. Baked Brie With Figs, Pistachios And Orange

Cheese is definitely a dessert, and now that we have that discussion out of the way, we can all ogle this melty number.

Sally’s Baking Addiction

5. Homemade Oatmeal Fig Bars

Once you try these chewy treats, which are flavored with cinnamon and nutmeg in addition to figs, you’ll never go back to the store-bought kind.

A Cookie Named Desire

6. Fig And Honey Cheesecake Galette

It has the simplicity of a galette, the luxuriousness of a cheesecake and of course, plenty of figs.

Broma Bakery

7. Honey Cake With Fresh Figs

Floral, musky honey is a natural pairing for figs and here, it also complements the tangy goat cheese frosting.

The Bojon Gourmet

8. Ginger Fig Tart With Chestnut-almond Crust

The vanilla-ginger cashew cream filling is so luscious, you’ll hardly believe it’s vegan.

Chocolate for Basil

9. Chocolate Chip Fig Tahini Cookies

We know chocolate chips aren’t, like, asking for an upgrade. But sometimes it’s fun to switch things up, no?

Dinner at the Zoo

10. Roasted Figs With Ice Cream

Roasting the fruit caramelizes the sugars and concentrates the flavor, making it the ideal accompaniment to vanilla ice cream.

Snixy Kitchen

11. Honey-roasted Fig And Goat Cheese Ice Pops

You won’t find this flavor in the frozen aisle of your grocery store.

A Cookie Named Desire

12. Honey Cake With Whipped Mascarpone And Figs

It sounds fancy, but it’s simple enough to make for a weekday (paired with coffee) or last-minute weekend occasion (paired with wine).

The Bojon Gourmet

13. Vegan Chocolate Fig Tart

The figs bring out the earthy notes in the chocolate and add a bit of juicy freshness to an otherwise decadent dessert.

How Sweet Eats

14. Salted Bourbon Vanilla Granola With Caramelized Fig Parfaits

And here we thought granola was just for breakfast.

The Full Helping

15. Vegan Fig Bars

They’re made with oat flour and free of refined sugar, so they’re breakfast-worthy and snack-worthy, in addition to dessert-worthy.

Owl Baking

16. Italian Fig Cookies (cucidati)

These Italian bites are traditional around Christmastime, but they’re so cute, we’re making them all year.

Snixy Kitchen

17. Dark Chocolate Honey Fig Walnut Truffles

Make a batch to gift for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Arbor Day, whatever.

The Bojon Gourmet

18. Smoked Sugar Ice Cream With A Bourbon–fig Butter Swirl

If you have an ice cream maker and a lazy summer afternoon, we have just the project for you.

Half Baked Harvest

19. Maple Fig Tarte Tatin

It’s sticky, gooey and buttery in all the right ways.

Snixy Kitchen

20. Blackberry Fig Sage Ice Pops

They’re sweet, aromatic and impossibly refreshing. (Plus, look at those colors!)

Half Baked Harvest

21. Chia Pudding With Fig And Whipped Maple Butter

Dessert for breakfast, or breakfast for dessert? The choice is yours, friend.

Snixy Kitchen

22. Ginger Goat Cheese Cheesecake With Honey-roasted Figs And Hazelnuts

The classic cheese plate pairing of figs and goat cheese works surprisingly well in a sweet dessert, too.

Minimalist Baker

23. Healthy Fig Newtons

They’re no-bake, gluten-free, naturally sweetened and made with just eight ingredients.

Cotter Crunch

24. Almond Flour Loaf Cake With Honey-roasted Figs

We love the way the figs get sticky and candy-like in the oven. (Psst: This also happens to be gluten free.)

A Classic Twist

25. Roasted Fig And Ginger Ice Cream

An unlikely pairing that really works. It’s also plant-based and made with coconut milk, no big deal.

Plays Well With Butter

26. Dessert Cheese Board

Slices of cheese > slices of cake.

Broma Bakery

27. Caramelized Fig Upside-down Cake

Upside-down cakes are kinda magical, if you ask us. They’re super buttery and caramelly, and they pretty much decorate themselves.

Cotter Crunch

28. No-bake Chocolate Cashew Fig Bars

Don’t they look gourmet? It’ll come as a nice surprise that they’re ready in three easy steps.

Snixy Kitchen

29. Gluten-free Vanilla Cupcakes With Brûléed Figs

Sprinkles are nice, but these sticky-sweet figs are even better.

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