Wedding Pies Are the New Wedding Cakes (and They’re Budget-Friendly Too)

Thanks to ambitious brides with Pinterest, opulent, extravagant cakes have taken center stage at weddings over the last few years, from Monet-inspired icing to cakes that literally suspend upsidedown in mid-air (yep).

But in 2019, it's time for something new, and we love this refreshing (and delightfully budget-friendly) alternativeditch the cake altogether and swap it for a sprawling pie table. Ombré pies? You betcha. Lemon pie with blueberry meringue? Um, we want a slice right this second. 

After attending a few weddings over the past few months that featured gorgeous serve-yourself pie tables, we think it's safe to say that pies have officially moved beyond their summer- and Thanksgiving-only status to take center stage.

Skipping dry white cake and fondant in favor of a triple helping of blueberry pie? We're not mad about it.