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Introducing our favorite vegetable of the year: tiny eggplant. Like, lipstick-tube tiny. Called Fairy Tale Eggplant, these little guys start their lives as flowers and grow into gorgeous purple-and-white-striped veggies starting in early summer. Add them to any dish to instantly make it look so fancy.

What do they taste like? Compared to their full-sized cousins, these heirloom jewels are sweet and melt-in-your-mouth creamy.

Where can I get my hands on a million? Head to your local farmers’ market or Trader Joe’s.

How do I cook them and live happily ever after? We love to keep them whole or halve them to show off their cute size. Grill, roast or sear them for a couple of minutes for best results. For more inspo, check out Roasted Fairy Tale Eggplants with Mint and Feta, Stuffed Fairy Tale Eggplants or Fairy Tale Eggplant Sheet Pan Salad.

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