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Caffeinated Bagels Are Now a Thing (and Our Breakfast Dreams Have Come True)
Jeff Padrick/Einstein Bros. Bagels

We love coffee. We love bagels. So why has it taken so long for a caffeinated bagel to come into our lives? Well, those days are officially over: Einstein Bros. Bagels has cooked up an espresso-infused bagel and we need to try one ASAP.

The Espresso Buzz Bagel contains 32 milligrams of caffeine—that’s about half a regular shot of espresso or one-third of an 8-ounce cup of Joe. So while it’s unlikely to replace your morning coffee fix, it will definitely help boost the effects of your caffeine-fueled energy jolt.

So, what does this magical morning treat taste like? According to customers, the coffee flavor is fairly strong if you eat the bagel plain, but with a dollop of cream cheese or a bacon-and-egg combo, it tastes just like a normal bagel. (Well, with a bit of a buzz afterward.)

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