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The 10-Minute, Lazy Girls Deviled-ish Egg Recipe
Ana_Penelope/Getty Images

Deviled eggs. Either you find them gross or you crave them every second of the day. If you happen to fall in the latter group (like us), this becomes problematic, because, let’s face it: They’re time-consuming and they make your house smell.   

Thank goodness we caught cookbook author Julia Turshen chatting on Fresh Air about her new book, Small Victories, because one of those “small victories” includes a genius trick for making a delicious ten-minute deviled-ish egg. Here’s what you do. 

Step 1: Make your hard-boiled eggs as you normally would. (We suggest the “hot start”—dropping the eggs into already boiling water—which makes them easier to peel.)

Step 2: Got your hard-boiled eggs? Great. Now you peel them, cut ’em in half and top them with a dollop of mayo, hot sauce and even a little mustard (whatever floats your deviled-egg boat).

Step 3: Top with some salt, pepper and a dash of paprika and you’re ready to go. No scooping, mixing or piping required and you still get all the flavors of a traditional deviled egg.

Easiest recipe-ish of all time.

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