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Homemade sweets like brownies, cupcakes and Rice Krispies Treats are a delightful present to give to someone you love, but they’re infinitely more fun when they come on a stick. Or, in this case, an arrow. Instead of gifting a box of beige squares, try this Valentine's Day version instead.

To start, we made our Rice Krispies Treats mix by following the directions on the box, then stirring in a few drops of red dye right at the end. Now here’s how to transform them into adorable Cupid’s arrows.

What You Need:
 - Wax paper
 - Butter
 - A heart-shaped cookie cutter
 - 2- by 3-inch sheet of red paper (makes one arrow)
 - Scissors
 - Glue
 - 8-inch cookie stick (one per arrow you plan to assemble)

Step 1: Take a large sheet of wax paper and grease one side with butter.

Step 2: Place the Rice Krispies Treats mix on half of the greased wax paper and fold the remaining over the top. Use your hands to flatten the mix until it is about one-finger's-width high.

Step 3: Use your heart-shaped cookie cutter to punch out a few hearts, aka arrow heads.

Step 4: Grab the red paper and fold it lengthwise. Fold lengthwise once more to crease, then undo the second fold.

Step 5: Cut the corners off the top of the rectangle to create a point. Then cut away a triangle from the bottom of the rectangle to mimic the shape of the point.

Step 6: Unfold your red zigzag and dab some glue on each half of the paper. Place one end of your cookie stick along one of the points, fold the paper back over and press together to seal.

Step 7: Gently stick the other end between the two humps at the top of the heart and voilà! (Tip: Don’t worry if the Rice Krispie heart gets a bit bent out of shape in this step. You can always mold it back into shape.)

Now you’re ready to pass these sweet treats out to your valentines.

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