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Woohoo! You Can Now Shop at Costco Without a Membership
Yvan DubA/Getty Images

Best news ever: Turns out you don’t have to purchase a Costco membership to shop at your favorite bulk store. And even better news? You don’t even have to leave the house. Here’s the deal:

Instacart, the nifty same-day grocery delivery company, has partnered with Costco to save you the $60 membership fee. Basically you check here to see if the service is available in your area, choose your store (Costco, duh) and make your grocery/home/health/beauty list (ain’t no shame in getting your makeup from Costco). Your delivery person will do the shopping for you (they’ll even text you if they don’t see the specific product you want) and bring it straight to your door—perfect if lifting 20 pounds of trail mix isn’t the smartest choice for your back right now.

While you’re skirting the membership fee, there will be a delivery charge plus tip for the driver…and, unfortunately, no samples. But if you need 40 rolls of toilet paper yesterday, it’s a really great option.

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