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Whether it’s oozing from a slice of pizza, sitting atop a pile of nachos or served as is (with a glass of wine, obviously), there’s no denying the amazingness that is cheese. But you might be guilty of some major cheese faux pas. Here, eight things to stop doing to your cheese so you can enjoy it more.

serving temp list

Don't serve it straight out the fridge

Always let it come to room temperature first--yes, even the semi-firm and hard cheeses like Gouda and cheddar. Give them at least a half hour to rest before nibbling so you get the best flavors and textures.

exposed list

Don't leave it partially exposed

This will dry it out and make it prone to picking up other flavors in the fridge. Yup, that’s why your Swiss tasted a bit like…takeout.

wrap cheese list

Don't suffocate it

Ditch the plastic wrap! When storing your cheese, wrap it in something more breathable, like cheese paper (genius) or even parchment paper.

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leave point list

Don't cut off the point

When cutting into a new wedge, slice along the edge (maintaining its triangular shape) so you get the full range of flavors--from center to rind--with every bite. Plus, it stays pretty (which is obviously most important).

rinds list1

Don't trash the rind

This applies mostly to bloomy cheeses like Brie. Though the creamy center is what most of us are after, the rind is what gives it flavor and is often the best part. 

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grated cheese list

Don't settle for the pre-cut stuff

Pre-cubed. Or sliced. Or grated. Or crumbled. You lose so much flavor when you settle for pre-packaged cheese. Get thee a grater and you’ll taste the difference.

cheese knife list

Don't use the same knife

Each wedge of cheese is like a snowflake with its own unique flavors and subtleties. Don’t contaminate them by using the same utensils.

grilled cheese list

Use the leftovers

Immediately! Make a quiche. Or a dip. Or a grilled cheese sandwich. 

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