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Whether you’re a die-hard hometown fan, an occasional spectator or just showing up to make your dad happy, there’s one thing we can all agree on: Baseball games wouldn’t be half as enjoyable without all the snacks. And lucky us: The NYC stadiums go way beyond hot dogs and cotton candy. Here’s what we’ll be stuffing our face with while watching (or not watching) the game.

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fuku citi field baseball NY

Citi Field

1. The Mets’ home base pretty much knocks it out of the park (puns intended) in the food department. First stop: spicy-fried-chicken sandwiches from Fuku (and a couple Milk Bar cookies for later). Section 102

2. Prefer your chicken smothered in cheese? Nicoletta (an outpost of the East Village pizzeria) has you covered, with stracciatella-topped chicken parm sandwiches. Section 141

3. We never miss an opportunity for Shake Shack. Especially when there’s a special concrete on the menu with chocolate cookie dough and shattered sugar cone. Section 139

josh capon bash burger citi field baseball NY

4. Then again, Shake Shack gets some serious competition in the form of Bash Burger, so named for a creation that’s won NY Wine and Food Festival’s burger cook-off six times. Field level

5. Speaking of meat: Pat LaFreida’s filet mignon sandwich might be the fanciest thing we’ve ever eaten at a ball game, and we’re not mad about it. Sections 139, 415

6. More in a carby mood? Snack on Belgian-style fries from Box Frites. We swear, we’ll eat something green tomorrow… Section 140 

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pepe rosso pizza citi field baseball NY

7. Wait, there’s pizza? Yep, really good Neapolitan pizza in fact, courtesy of Papa Rosso. Section 139

8. And even more pizza—including vegan options—from Two Boots. Foxwoods Club 

9. If you happen to have access to the club-level eats, that means you’re gonna want to get some Taiwanese buns from Baohaus. Promenade Club

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do cookie dough citi field baseball NY

10. And if you notice a flurry of Instagrammers, they’re probably congregating around the new cookie dough stand. (And psst: Buying a club-level ticket just for dough is still probably a lot easier than waiting three hours at the original location.) Promenade Club

11. OK, we’ll admit the idea of seafood at a ball game seems kinda weird, but the lobster roll at Catch of the Day is actually legit. Section 102

mighty quinns bbq yankee stadium baseball NY

Yankee Stadium

1. The big addition to this year’s roster (yes, that’s a sports term, we looked it up): Mighty Quinn’s BBQ. Game days were made for brisket sandwiches, smoked chicken wings and—wait for it— s’mores bread pudding. Section 133

2. There are ballpark burgers and then there are bison burgers and black bean burgers from our favorite healthy(ish) burger chain, Bareburger. Section 132

3. Something about sipping an egg cream at a Yankees game feels so right, and Linda’s Egg Creams is happy to oblige. Section 202 

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lobels yankee stadium baseball NY
New York Yankees

4. There are plenty of meaty offerings at the stadium (if you haven’t noticed) but there’s only one stand for fifth-generation butcher Lobel’s. And Yankee Stadium is the only place to get the old-school shop’s meatloaf burger and steak sandwich. Sections 134, 321

5. The Mozzarella Joint hand-pulls its curds on the premise, then tosses the cheese with olive oil, veggies and (optional) soppressata. (Think of it as a sort of caprese salad on a roll—definitely not a bad thing.) Section 201

parm meatball yankee stadium baseball NY

6. Speaking of mozzarella, you’ll find plenty of it in the meatball sandwich from Italian-American fave Parm. Section 104

7. Bacon on a Stick: Exactly what it sounds like, and totally worth it. Sections 121, 223, 319

8. Award for cutest ballpark food goes to Chicken and Waffle Cart for its Yankee insignia-imprinted waffles. Oh, and they’re delicious, too. Home run. Section 321 

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