Sure, the validity of food photos is a hotly contested debate within the Instagram community. Consider us definitively in the “for” camp after following these 12 incredible Instagram accounts dedicated to all things Chicago food. Scroll, salivate, repeat.



Seth Marcus takes his iPhone 6s on all of his culinary adventures, capturing shots of every tiny morsel along the way.



Pastry chef by day, foodie by night, Sherrie is on a mission to try every flavor Chicago has to offer. And that includes Public House’s boozy Vanilla Stout confetti cake shake. You read it right: cake shake.

big burger


The glorious monstrosity above is available at Baptiste & Bottle (opening soon).

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Someone who truly understands the definition of #yolkporn. This calls for a visit to Nellcôte, stat.

rainbow 2


If only liking this photo meant we could find out what a rainbow grilled cheese tastes like.



Because we needed someone to taste test a hot Cheetos-covered sushi burrito.

crilled mac


Another pastry chef who understands the power of savory. (Are you gonna finish that mac-n-cheese grilled cheese?)

pizza new


We gotta hand it to this pizza—it certainly knows how to pose for the cameras. 



Vegetarians don’t always have an easy time of it in Chicago, but Sapna’s looking out for you, telling you about things like Takito Kitchen’s unbelievable black bean and kale tacos.

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Next time you can't get a rezzie at Sepia, just stare at this.



Van has a serious case of wanderlust, and we’re glad we get to follow along on her ride through the city (like this Filipino breakfast at Uncle Mike’s Place in West Town).



We’re not quite sure whether we follow her for the pugs or the gorgeous photos of her food. Either way, we love both.

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