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Chelsia Lai

Meet the Instagram foodie mapping out Chicago’s best eats

Chelsia Lai has always known her two great loves in life were food and photography. After moving to Chicago for undergrad, she soon developed an all-consuming habit of eating out and taking full advantage of the city’s great food scene. This, coupled with her natural eye for composition, birthed @chelsias, an addictive Instagram handle where she shares everything from her favorite Chi-town Cuban food to the new snack products she’s devouring. 

From nine to five, Chelsia works in social media marketing (a skill evidenced by her witty, engaging captions and mastery of the hashtag). But one day soon, she hopes to make her unique brand of culinary discovery a full-time vocation. If you live in Chicago...or simply love salivating over food porn, this rising Insta star is a must-follow.

On how she stays organized. “My biggest life hack is to sync all your emails and events using Google calendar so that you can see it in one spot. Google will even color-code it for you depending on which calendar the event is made from. This helps me separate my work events from my IG events and my personal events.”

On her dream day off-duty. “My perfect day in Chicago would include exploring Wicker Park for some great restaurant options and urban vibes (perfect for a photo shoot!), then heading to Michigan Avenue or State Street to do some shopping and take in the bustling city. Lastly, a trip to Chinatown to grab dinner and some bubble tea!”

On the words she lives by. “Always focus on the quality of the content rather than the quantity.”