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Who would’ve guessed that in 2017, more than a few years into adulthood, we’d be keen to rekindle so many of our six-year-old obsessions? Unicorns. Rainbow sprinkles. Pop-Tarts. At this point, a Lisa Frank line of adult backpacks can’t be far off.

The mother of all whimsical trends, though, is millennial pink (you know, that feel-good color that’s taking over everything from sneakers to makeup). And now there’s a perfect place to indulge our love of the shade: a semi-secret café in Bushwick that’s entirely decked out in rose-quartz hues.

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Carthage Must Be Destroyed, which opened last fall (and we use the term “opened” loosely, as it’s hidden off the street down an unmarked driveway), has ignited something of a social-media flurry because, well, it’s really, really pretty.

The converted warehouse offsets its industrial bones with pink walls, pink dishware, pink stools…there’s even a pink espresso machine. Is it gimmicky? Yes. Are we totally drinking the (pink-tinged) Kool-Aid? Hell, yes.

Like so many of the city’s newer food-focused cafés, CMBD is Australian—it’s actually a spin-off of a Sydney spot called Bread & Circus, which employs the very same color scheme. And if on paper it sounds like it was created in a think tank to incorporate as many millennial buzzwords as possible (avocado toast! succulents! yoga studio in the basement!), in reality the overall effect is surprisingly welcoming.

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The menu includes all-day breakfast, with dishes like “summer on toast” (“summer” meaning goat’s feta, heirloom tomato and basil) or “breakfast with Gwyneth” which consists of fried eggs (free-range, naturally) with quinoa, chili, garlic and broccoli. To drink, there are young coconuts (complete with a pink-striped straw) and single-origin coffee.

Yes, you’ll probably see a few people standing on their chairs to get the perfect shot. (You might even be one of them.) But despite its on-the-nose aesthetic, it’s actually really likable: The food is good, the service is friendly…and if a pink cup perfectly complements our flat white, who are we to complain?

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