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Canned Pumpkin Isnt Really Pumpkin and We Dont Know Who to Trust Anymore

When we think of fall, we think of, like, three things. Wearing sweaters, watching new seasons of TV shows and pumpkin. We're talking #PSLs, pumpkin-scented candles and every pumpkin-packed baked good we can get our hands on. 

But it turns out, the stuff we're baking with isn't pumpkin at's squash. 

We were as surprised as you are, but the good people at Food and Wine recently discovered that canned pumpkin puree, despite being touted as 100% pure pumpkin, is actually a blend of winter squash including butternut, Golden Delicious, Hubbard and others. 

Apparently the USDA is pretty lenient about classifying gourds, so it's totally above board to call not-pumpkin pumpkin. 

We can't help but feel a little bamboozled. But if we said it would keep us from continuing to buy cans by the dozen, we'd just be lying. 

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