Can I Eat a Kiwi Like an Apple?

a cut up kiwi on a wooden chopping board

Our go-to ingredient for vibrant smoothies and picture-perfect tarts, tangy kiwis are as equally delicious in a spicy margarita (seriously, try it) as they are eaten on their own with just a spoon. But get ready to have your mind blown, because it turns out that all that slicing, dicing, peeling and scooping is totally unnecessary.

So wait, can you eat kiwi skin? Absolutely. We discovered this when a friend casually chomped down on one at a park picnic, but the California Kiwifruit Commission (yep, that’s a thing) totally backs her up. It says, “The kiwifruit skin is completely edible and makes this nutrient-dense fruit even more nutritious.”

And people do this because…? It’s easier, there’s no waste and you heard the Commission—the kiwi’s skin is good for you (one study found that the peel has three times the amount of fiber as the flesh). Which is pretty impressive, since the inside of a kiwi is already chock-full of nutrients including almost twice the amount of vitamin C as an orange (essential for repairing tissue and great for glowing skin) plus more potassium than a banana (vital for heart health and muscle function). That’s one powerful fruit.

Nutritious, sure. But is it delicious? The skin’s fuzz might put off some people, but others say it’s similar to that of a peach. In terms of flavor, the peel pretty much just tastes like the inside—fresh and slightly tart.

How do I eat it? Although peeling a kiwi isn’t exactly arduous, simply biting into one or tossing the fruit straight into a blender is about as easy as it gets. But first, some (minimal) prep work: Before eating, wash the fruit with water and use a paper towel or cloth to gently scrub off some of the fuzz. Easy peasy.

Are people going to think I’m weird? Maybe. The best response is to just act casual (“Of course I eat the skin. Don’t you?”) and then feel smug about your healthier, less wasteful and totally in-the-know ways.

There you have it. Now go on and enjoy that kiwi, skin and all.

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