The 6 Best Pizza Peels for Baking a Restaurant-Caliber Pie at Home

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It may feel excessive, but a pizza peel can change pizza night at your place forever. If you know the pain of accidentally burning your hand when shuffling a pie into the oven (or worse, spilling toppings as you rotate it), this handy tool can solve that problem. Pizza peels are also great for baking bread and pastries, and they can double as a charcuterie boards in a pinch. The best pizza peel should be easy to lift and maneuver and made of a heat- and scratch-resistant material. Most are made from aluminum, a light, sturdy option that's easy to transport, or wood, which offers both durability and rustic visual appeal. The paddles should be wide enough to fit a large pie with ease, but also thin enough that they're a cinch to slide under pizzas, bread and other foods.

We've scoured the web to find the best pizza peels for all uses. Whether you want a traditional wooden paddle or prefer a sleek metal number, here are six of the best pizza peels you can buy.

The Best Pizza Peels at a Glance

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best pizza peel checkered chef

1. Checkered Chef Pizza Paddle

Best overall pizza peel

If you host pizza night on the reg, you’ll need a durable, long-lasting pizza peel. This sturdy stainless-steel gem can endure years of use without breaking or fading. Its razor-thin design and 15-inch width makes it easy to slip under everything from pizza to cake to pastries. But our favorite feature is its extended foldable comfort-grip handle, which makes it a breeze to hold and simple to store. Did we mention The Checkered Chef pizza paddle is dishwasher safe?


  • Durable, versatile and long-lasting
  • Foldable, easy-to-grip handle and wide paddle
  • Simple to use and transport


  • Sharp edges call for careful handling
best pizza peel epicurean

2. Epicurean Pizza Peel

Most lightweight pizza peel

Talk about a bargain! This marked-down Epicurean natural peel is a cinch to handle in the kitchen, since it weighs less than a pound and is one of the lightest on the market. It's made from sustainably sourced composite wood, which is resistant to heat and long-term wear and tear. Since the peel is non-porous and scratch resistant, it can also be used as a cutting board before assembling your pie.


  • Very lightweight; easy to transport, hold and store
  • Sturdy construction with a beveled edge
  • Dual-use for cutting and serving


  • May have a faint chemical smell when new
best pizza peel chef pomodoro

3. Chef Pomodoro Foldable Pizza Peel

Best metal pizza peel

If you have limited cabinet space in your kitchen, look no further than this aluminum peel, complete with a foldable and removable pinewood handle. It’s super thin and slides under pizzas with ease. The Chef Pomodoro pizza peel is lightweight and sturdy enough to lift pastries, pies, cakes and bread. It’s also compatible with just about any home or commercial oven, including the Ooni Koda and the Pizzeria Pronto.


  • Foldable, removable handle
  • Delicate yet sturdy to lift many types of food
  • Well-balanced construction


  • Can be cumbersome to turn the handle screw
best pizza peel update international

4. Update International Wooden Pizza Peel

Best brick oven pizza peel

Admit it: Your backyard brick pizza oven is the apple of your eye—and we just found its soulmate. The Update International wooden pizza peel has an extra-long handle, making it a breeze to shuffle pies to the back of large ovens without burning yourself. Constructed of premium rubberwood, the peel can withstand scorching temps without splitting or warping. Its smooth, sanded edges and tapered design strike the perfect balance between utility and aesthetics.


  • Long handle for ovens
  • Can be hung from the handle
  • Heat- and warp-resistant


  • Needs to be thoroughly greased before every use
best pizza peel pizza royale

5. Pizza Royale Natural Pizza Peel

Best bamboo pizza peel

Crafted from ethically sourced bamboo (which is not only eco-friendly but also antimicrobial), the Pizza Royale pizza peel is gorgeous enough to double as a sophisticated cheese board. Use it to make pizza or assemble an array of breads, cheeses and cured meats on it for an epic charcuterie spread. Its contoured, lightweight construction and easy-hold handle also make it a breeze to use in the kitchen.


  • Smooth beveled edge
  • Sustainable bamboo
  • Elegant appearance


  • Slightly thicker edge may make it tougher to slide under pizzas
best pizza peel heritage

6. Heritage Acacia Wood Pizza Peel

Best wood pizza peel

Add this to your list of potential housewarming gifts to buy the next time a friend of yours moves. Thanks to the acacia wood it's made of, this pizza peel is both water- and oil-resistant, meaning it’ll last you years’ worth of 'za nights. Its tapered edge makes it easy to slide under pizzas and breads, but it’s still thick enough that it won’t warp too easily. The Heritage acacia wood pizza peel is also chic enough to use as a charcuterie board.


  • Large paddle and tapered edge makes lifting food easy
  • Resistant to water and oil


  • Natural wood may split or bow over time

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