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The first Dallas Shake Shack has officially opened at the Crescent in Uptown, and people are going nuts. Here are the top eleven things to order (for newbies), including some Dallas exclusive items that will make people across the country super jealous.

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shack burger
Evan Sung/Shake Shack


The OG that put this place on the map. Expect 100 percent all-natural Angus beef (single or double) with cheese, lettuce, tomato and ShackSauce served on a non-GMO potato bun.

crinkle cut fries
Evan Sung/Shake Shack

Crinkle-Cut Fries

Think fresh Yukon potatoes with no artificial ingredients. And you can add cheese... meaning you probably should always add cheese.

Evan Sung/Shake Shack


In-N-Out Burger loyalists, we respect you. But you gotta admit, you’re missing out on local and seasonal beers and house wines.


Shack-cago Dog

We may be in Dallas, but boy does a Chicago-style hot dog do the body good every now and then. This beauty features 100 percent all-natural Vienna beef piled high with Rick’s Picks Shack relish, onion, pickle, cucumber, tomato, sport pepper, celery salt and mustard.

Evan Sung/Shake Shack


This delicious frozen treat is spun fresh all day and is made with all-natural sugar. It comes in vanilla, chocolate and the flavor of the week. We hear it rivals Wild About Harry’s.

pooch ini
Evan Sung/Shake Shack


Anyone who accommodates our dog is all good in our book. Your four-legged friend is going to be licking his chops when he feasts his eyes on this delicious concoction consisting of a ShackBurger dog biscuit, peanut butter sauce and vanilla custard.

Evan Sung/Shake Shack


If plain ole custard doesn’t do much for you, perhaps adding some mix-ins will satisfy your sweet tooth. Pick your custard flavor and then add anything from chocolate truffle cookie dough to strawberry puree.

And here’s the fun part of the menu dedicated to Dallas...

link burger
Evan Sung/Shake Shack

Link Burger

This burger with a Dallas twist is a cheeseburger topped with a Pecan Lodge jalapeño cheese sausage link, pickles and ShackSauce. No pictures of this local burger have actually surfaced yet (probably because it’s gobbled up before anyone thinks to Instagram it).

dallas pie oh my concrete
Evan Sung/Shake Shack

Dallas Pie Oh My Concrete

This concoction features vanilla custard and a slice of seasonal pie from local specialty shop Emporium Pies. Holy mother of yum.

Shack Attack Concrete

Chocolate custard, fudge sauce, chocolate truffle cookie dough and Dude, Sweet Chocolate cocoa nib crack bar and chocolate sprinkles.

Pecan and Pearl Concrete

Five percent of all sales from this concrete will benefit Children’s Medical Center Dallas. They must have heard through the grapevine how much this city loves philanthropy.

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